The presence of God is eternity.

From time to time, a phrase will come to me with the force of revelation that I don’t know what it means.  It gives me some sympathy with Caiaphas the high priest, who spake better than he knew. Y’all are familiar with a couple of these insights already.

Good deeds pierce the veil.

Time is sin.

And now, the presence of God is eternity.

No unclean thing can enter the presence of God. I just now realized that time is sin and the presence of God is eternity are the same insight, whatever that insight may be. It has something to do with the angel barring the way to the fruit of the tree of life when God chased Adam and Eve from His presence (see The Fruit of the Tree is Entropy and The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge in Daily Life).

God the Father withdrew his presence from Jesus on the cross. Christ then entered most fully into the mortal experience and died.

Death brought him back to God’s presence.  For him, the cross was the tree of life.


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