On the sweetness of Mormon life.Last week, testimony meeting.

Two funerals were held the days prior.  Good things happen when people die, one brother says.  He is not  joking.  He is not taking a contrarian stance.  Many testimonies touch on the deaths.

It is announced that your bishop is gone because his wife went into very premature labor hours prior.  The baby is alive, but not well.

A very old couple talks about finally being able to do the work for their own parents and siblings–they are the last of their family.

At the end, the son of one of your bishopric counselors comes to the stand.  He is congenitally feeble-minded and cannot speak.  He moans into the microphone.

These things are all, taken one by one, serous and even somber.  You feel each one.  But somehow, taken together, you leave the meeting with a light and even frothy happiness.

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