I hope church members will not mind if I step-forward to record a few memories of the recently departed Apostle Boyd K Packer.

My knowledge of the man was purely via the videos on lds.org; however it was powerful. Of all the General Authorities, it was Boyd K Packer who was the first I chose when I went through the archives and watched all of his speeches as General Conference, and elsewhere, that were available.

Why him? I think because of the strength and clarity of his teaching; which helped me to feel stronger and clearer.

And of all the things he said, the one which sticks most was concerning the infinite power of repentance. I have never heard anybody, anywhere, express this so well. So that for all his strength and clarity; it is the sweetness, mercy, kindness of that teaching on repentance which most deeply affected me.

Because it means that there is always hope, everywhere and for every person and in every possible situation – real hope for real salvation. Repentance will overturn any weight of accumulated sin in a single moment, with the single decision to accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

My main emotion on thinking about President Packer is therefore less sadness (although I did shed a tear, and I write this with another tear) than sheer gratitude. His teaching on repentance is tucked away securely in my heart, ready for use in any situation.

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