patriarchal-blessing-ldsYou can now request an electronic copy of your patriarchal blessing. You can view it online or download it to your computer or smart phone.

You can also request copies of blessings for deceased direct-line ancestors, which are then mailed to you.

Megan Michaels of the Church History Library reports that they receive an average of 10,000 requests for copies of blessings each month. This inspired the creation of the new tool to help process the requests received each day. It began with the digitization of all 4.2 million known patriarchal blessings in the Library’s archives.

The whole processes for patriarchal blessings is now digital. Bishops submit recommendations online and patriarchs can see who will be calling to schedule an appointment. After giving the blessing, the patriarch submits the text electronically to the Church History Library. Blessings are stored in the library’s digital preservation system that includes copies in multiple formats and storage systems. About half of the stakes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese now use the all-digital system. By next year, the system will be available to every stake and in 14 languages.

To request a digital copy of your blessing, go to, click My Account and Ward, then select Patriarchal Blessing.

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