lds-church-handbooksThe article “Church Handbooks: The Written Order of Things” in this month’s Ensign (pp. 60-65) and Liahona (pp. 30-35) explains why we need the Church handbooks.

“As we follow the handbooks and use the collective wisdom they offer, the Lord will help us and those we serve to become ‘complete in him.'”

I believe that every member should read the first three chapters of Handbook 2, which outline the purpose of families and the role of the Church in supporting families and in providing essential ordinances and covenants.

  1. Families and the Church in God’s Plan
  2. Priesthood Principles
  3. Leadership in the Church of Jesus Christ

Anyone can access and read Handbook 2 on and with the Gospel Library mobile app, which gives the doctrinal framework for administering the Church, as well as guidelines for ward councils and the programs of the Church. Handbook 1 is also available online and in the Gospel Library mobile app to bishoprics and stake presidencies. It outlines the responsibilities of stake presidents and bishops.

Other helpful guidebooks for the family include:

The Family Guidebook has a section titled “Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings” that is a helpful reference on how to give blessings and perform ordinances.

The Lord expects every man to learn his duty (D&C 107:99), and then He expects us to gain personal inspiration to guide us in our lives. The scriptures and handbooks can help us learn our duty.


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