Nothing quite sets your teeth on edge as a child who is crying when you don’t know why.

On the other hand, nothing is quite so rewarding as seeing what the child needs and doing it. Children don’t have the emotional momentum that adults do. They aren’t like braking
a freight train. Most of the time the crying stops and the smiling starts as soon as you change the diaper or whip a little food into the belly. They light up like a struck match.

This is another entry in our ongoing investigations into becoming like a little child.

In the kingdom of heaven we have to be willing to take yes for an answer. Like Caleb, we have to be able to see the flowing milk and honey. We can’t be Lewis’dwarves who hold on to their stable even when its replaced by heaven.

The prophets are big on gratitude. Gratitude is preparation for being happy merely because infinite bounty and boundless love are given to you.

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