patriarchal-blessing-ldsDid you know that you can request an electronic copy of your patriarchal blessing that you can view online or download to your computer or smart phone?

You can also get copies of blessings for deceased direct-line ancestors, deceased children, or a deceased spouse by mail.

Patriarchal blessings are given to worthy members of the Church by ordained patriarchs. Learn more about patriarchal blessings in the Gospel Topics section of (

Two new online tools have been created to help submit gather, preserve, and share patriarchal blessings.

  1. A new online submission tool helps leaders create patriarchal blessing recommends and submit the official blessings to the Church.
  2. An online request tool allows members to request a digital copy of their own blessing and then view the copy online.

To request a digital copy of your blessing, go to, click My Account and Ward in the upper right corner, then select Patriarchal Blessing.

Learn more on the Patriarchal Blessings information page.

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