A group of men and women seated during institute. Accessed June 30, 2016 from the LDS Media Library
Whatever we are right now, educationally and spiritually, it is not sufficient for what we need to be! We must become much better than we are right now!

It is clear from the tantalizing tidbits and hints from Elder Kim B. Clark's recent addresses that the Church is on the verge of something big. In fact, the ground work for this effort has already been laid.

Digital tools are a big part of it, but are still just a part. Delivering both religious and secular education is being rolled out worldwide. Instead of just attending church worship services on Sunday's, meetinghouses and stake centers are delivering secular education as well. What is more, these efforts will get bigger, much bigger.

The Global Education Initiative (GEI) was formally announced by Elder Clark in the recent annual meeting for the employees of the Church Educational System (CES).

Both our religious and secular education must increase. A diploma for anything from anywhere is not enough. It cannot be the end of our formal education. It cannot be just our ticket to a lifetime of leisure and recreation outside our regular workday.

Even if you have already cashed in on your education by securing gainful employment and a secure financial future, you must gain more. Everyone must acquire more, if we are to be prepared for the Second Coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

We have a greater work to do than most of us have ever anticipated. We need to get started on it. NOW!

Global Education Initiative (GEI) Introduced by Elder Kim B. Clark
Kim B. Clark “CES: The Lord’s Educational System for His Church”

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