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A tiny flock of lambs and their guard llama were kept in a small, fenced pasture.  A coyote in the neighborhood hungered after the lambs and made it his business to find some means of effecting an entrance.

One day, assiduously digging, he discovered a spot where he could crawl under the fence.

All of the lambs but one fled precipitously to the far corner of the pasture.  The llama, in contrast, faced towards the coyote and showed that it was ready to strike.

One lamb, whether through fright or for some other reason, pretended to not notice the coyote and continued to graze.

The coyote leaped on that lamb.

When the owner was attracted by the noise and came out with a gun, the coyote ran away, but the lamb was already dead.

Moral: Accept or confront your limitations.  Do not ignore them.

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