nik-day-hold-onBelow is the music video “Hold On” by Nik Day. It’s one of the tracks from his new album, “Miracle.”

Nik explains that he “wrote the song thinking about all the people who have been leaving the Church, whether it was because they were offended or they disagreed with some of the recent policies. I essentially wanted to help people realize that just because they don’t like one thing, it doesn’t mean they should leave everything else that’s good in their lives.”


Maybe you’ve been cheated
And you think that no one knows just how you’re feeling
You throw your hands up in the air you’re done defeated
I know you’ve got your reasons, yeah
Maybe you’ve been jaded
There’s a bad taste in your mouth from a conversation
You’ve tried, and now you’re losing all your patience
And you’re thinking bout changing, yeah

You think you’re better off alone
But please don’t go

Just hold on to what you’ve got
You hurt a little but you’ve learned a lot
So whatever happens don’t give up
Whatever happens don’t give up
Just hold on
Na na na na
Na na na na na na
Just hold on
Na na na na
Na na na na na na

Maybe you’ve been hurting
You’ve done everything you can, but nothing’s working
You haven’t said a prayer in years, and you’ve stopped learning
Or maybe you feel unworthy, yeah

It’s been a bumpy road
But please don’t go


Just think about all the things you’ve done
Think about just how far you’ve come
You’ll see it’s worth all the pain
No matter what you’ve been through
He’s been through the same things too
And He can take it all away

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