Given that PC witch-hunts are primarily directed against those who tell the truth – resignation and apology means that the victim publicly repents his Good action.

To do something Good, and then to repent it – is actually worse than doing nothing; because it teaches (with the explicit endorsement of the victim) the public lesson that Good is actually evil.

-thus Bruce Charlton.


The scam relies on a false analogy between public and private.  With friend or family, one will sometimes blurt out something that is likely true but also hurtful.  And an apology for the hurt and for saying something that is certainly not the whole of one’s views will be in order.  And then one will be forgiven.

That is not at all what happens during these PC witchhunts.  No apology will be accepted unless it can be read as a recantation.  And if it can be read as a recantation, it will be.  In public discourse, every man is a strawman.  Further, there will be no forgiveness.


Recanting the truth is embracing the lie.


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