We have the kids’ beds all in one room, barracks- or ward-style, while we do some remodeling.  I was teasing my toddler and tickling her one afternoon when I heard one of my school-age daughters say, “Dad?” I turned and she had a huge grinning pleading expression on her face.  “Dad, would you tickle me too?” she said.  So I did.  It was a blast.

Become as a little child, the Savior said. 

It means, in part, learning again to just want things and be happy to get them.

I notice that it is my little prayers that are the most likely to be instantly and promptly answered.  They are prayers for things that in the moment I simply and actually want, and that don’t interfere with any great character arcs I’m having.  So God grants them.  I think he takes the delight in doing it that I did in tickling my daughter.

I think Heaven is full of delight.

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