Bruce C has written of a need for return to basic/mere Christianity in his blog

Much (though not most) of England is still “churched”, but their churches are so politically leftist, they end up causing more corruption than good.

I think I see and agree with his point, but…., I think that the nut of truth at the core of mainstream Protestantism/Catholicism has been spent or diluted. There is not enough juice left in that battery to hold off the powers of darkness. There may be a bit more power left in the Evangelical battery, but they have been corrupted and dissipated too.

For centuries, “sincere people with good intentions” carried the torch, preserved much of the Bible, and carried on some of the apostolic traditions. (And we owe them a debt of gratitude for preserving what they could, and persevering, and laying a groundwork for the Restoration.) But they are now at the end of their run, batteries drained, spread out too thin, tainted/corrupted to ineffectiveness.

The momentum of their traditions has petered out.

There is only one religious organization that has the _real_ “power of godliness”. _Real_ godly power, with a living continuous source, not mere momentum from a fly-wheel that was spun up in the past.

I don’t think Protestantism or Catholicisim can spin up the flywheel again. Or to use the other analogy, I don’t think they can build social capital from their minority position (whereas they could in the past as majorities), they can only spend it down.

And I am limiting my pessimism mainly to the West, specifically North America and Western Europe. I believe Catholicism to still be an effective force for good in the developing world, specifically, (at least) in Africa, India, and the Philippines.

[Update 9/20/2017, from a comment]
To answer the title’s question:
Yeah, it would be nice if the West returned to basic Christianity. It really is needed in order to save Western Civilization. But it ain’t gonna happen.

I think many churches will maintain pockets or islands of dedicated believers. But… The only viable and _growing_ choices, in the _developed West_ (US, Canada, Western EU) at this point, are LDS and Evangelicalism. The others are losing momentum/declining quickly (in the first world west, that is.)

And while I think the West is basically “sunk”, the biggest, best, safest, and most survivable “island” in the West is going to be the CJCLDS. It is going to be the best place to weather the storm.

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