The Church has announced translation projects for LDS scriptures, plus a new process to publish them online a portion at a time rather than waiting for the entire book to be completed.

New Languages

The following are the scripture translation projects approved over the last several years and currently in various phases of translation:

  • The Book of Mormon in Burmese, Efik, Georgian, Navajo, Pohnpeian, Sesotho, and Tshiluba.
  • Triple combination in American Sign Language, Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Bislama, Burmese, Efik, Georgian, Greek, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong, Lao, Lingala, Malay, Navajo, Persian, Pohnpeian, Polish, Serbian, Sesotho, Setswana, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Tahitian, Tamil, Telugu, Tok Pisin, Turkish, Twi, Urdu, and Yoruba.

Scripture translation projects typically take many years of careful work to complete.

New Publication Process

To allow members earlier access to these translations, as translations proceed, completed portions will be released in sequence from time to time on and in the Gospel Library app. These sequential portions are not considered final until the full translation is completed. As translations are fully completed, with the necessary reviews and approvals, the earlier sequential portions will be replaced by final versions, with printed editions to follow.

The First Presidency said, “We encourage members to use the scriptures in regular personal and family study and in Church meetings and assignments. As members prayerfully learn and teach from the scriptures, their testimonies will grow and they will receive greater direction in their daily lives.”

When these sequential portions of scriptures are posted online, if they contain the Articles of Faith, sacrament prayers, or baptismal prayer, they are not considered official until the translation of the entire book of scripture is reviewed and approved. Therefore, members and leaders should continue using the current translations of these items until new translations are complete.

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