How much of that stuff about youth rebellion and kids loving to shock their parents is myth?

The shock at least I have found to be the other way around.  It is easy as easy to shock youth, and just about that much fun.

We are talking about education plans with the older young men, ages 16-18.  Learn to love learning for its own sake, formal education for career, flexibility in career, stay out of serious education debt, that kind of thing.  Then I grin puckishly.

“And here is an extremely important factor.  You have to plan to meet LDS girls.”  They blanch.  I rattle off a list of cheap schools with high LDS population and some thoughts on using internships or locale-specific job training to simulate the same thing.  The bishop grins while they try not to make eye contact.


Oh, well, from my experience, what makes you uncomfortable sticks in your mind.

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