There is an object of wonder. It is vast, complex, and heart-stoppingly beautiful. It is miraculous. It was created by the very God of GodsHimself. It is ever in His thoughts.

But this creation, lovely and holy beyond words, now fades into the background. It now becomes the setting for even greater beings, so much greater that this ineffable object is only worthy, barely, to be their stage.

On this object, this creation, three Gods meet.

To eyes that can see, the one is clear as the sun, fair as the moon, as terrible as an army of banners. One is as a rolling wheel full of eyes that slay, as a tornado, as a whirlwind. One blazes with fierce and triumphant light. And what is true of one is true of each. Mere mortals in their presence could not speak or even behold, but only adore.

One God spoke with a voice like the rushing of great waters. “Lets Xbox.”

“Nah, bro,” a second God thundered. “Ima watch a porn hottie and rub one out.” Ludicrously, he winked as he departed.

The remaining two Gods slouched in a couch eating Doritos and watching TV.

This is not a parable.

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