The Bible is a bunch of different records made into a book.  So is the Book of Mormon–it tells us itself.

What difference does assembling records into a book make?  It means the parts should add up to a whole.  We should read the different parts of the book as in agreement with each other.  We should see a theme or a narrative that ties them all together.

Can Zappos Bulldoze The Brick-And-Mortar Shopping Model?


A pile of bricks is just a pile, but bricks mortared together better be something.

We keep a lot of records in the Church.  This is by commandment. 


Membership records, baptismal records, temple work records, family records, ward family histories, personal journals and so on.

Whatever we write on earth is written in heaven.

That in all your recordings it may be recorded in heaven;

-thus D&C 127:7.

The difference is that in heaven they are written in the book of life.  Always singular.  One book.

I don’t need to tell you the implication.


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