Rod Dreher and his readers are talking about the possibility of resistance to totalitarian wokeness.  One reader isn’t so sanguine:

Your anonymous analyst looking at it in terms of top, middle and bottom of the left/dem coalition is foolish. The idea that the top, middle or bottom would be particularly situated or capable or interested in fighting these ideas assumes that there is an intellectual, moral, or self-interested reason to do so. There isn’t. To have an intellectually coherent, moral or self-interested capacity to combat this will immediately eject you out of the left and into the right.

[And] the intellectual right has been toothless for decades. Jordan Peterson seems about the only evidence of someone who is actually winning some cultural war issues. He was forced to choose this same ground as his hill to die upon. But, he is one person, not American, and much of his appeal has been by largely staying above specific political fights.

So, this will be a fight to the death between the hard left and everyone else. The moderate left, intellectual right and most everyone else won’t have a thing to do with who wins this fight. Your friend won’t. Almost none of our institutions will do anything substantive about this. Media and Arts, nope. Schools, nope. Churches, nope. Right think tanks and media, nope. If the left loses this it will almost be completely because en masse most of the people in the the country reject these ideas and actually punish them and their allies.

At the local middle school, hundreds of miles from any major city, smack in the Bible Belt, something like 1/3 of the kids in the middle school claim to be bisexual or non-conventional in gender (usually not straightforwardly transgender).  The problem is serious.

The people in our society who should be providing  leadership are not serious.  Some are actively evil.  Trahison des clercs.  Most are just weak and feeble and trying to convince the alligator to eat them last, and extremely angry at anyone who seems to be forcing them to resist evil.  The problem is everywhere.  A number of BYU profs and at least one Church bureaucrat I know have convinced themselves that if they follow the old smooth playbook of making as many compromises as possible as fast as possible, this time the crocodile really will eat them last.

Our managerial class has not been selected for integrity or leadership.  They have been selected for ferocious ambition to please the powers that be and ruthless willingness to sacrifice everything else.



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