An article in the January issue of the Ensign suggests 6 Tips to Make Temple Trips Easier.

Whether you set aside time in your busy schedule to go yourself or you accompany a friend so they don’t have to go alone, these tips can help you receive the blessings of attending the temple more often.

For Families with Kids

Make date night temple night: Replace one of your date nights with a visit to the temple. Whatever plans you usually make for childcare when you and your spouse go out on a date can stay in place while you attend a temple session instead of dinner and a movie. You and your spouse will still get to spend quality time together, just with the added blessing of attending the temple.

Swap kids: Find another family willing to schedule a playdate with your kids while you attend the temple; then swap and do the same for them.

Picnic and play: Like the family from the article “A Promised Blessing for Attending the Temple,” make it a day or weekend trip. Take the whole family; one parent can attend a temple session while the other takes the kids out for a picnic or some other kind of meal or snack. Then that parent can attend a session while the first takes the kids for playtime in the park or a walk around the temple grounds.

For Everyone

Block out time: If your time and location permits, keep a regularly scheduled visit to the temple (weekly, monthly, yearly). A regular visit will allow you to plan around it and help you prioritize your temple attendance.

Commit: Make time and commit to it. If you struggle to find time in your schedule, try the early morning; temples are usually less busy early in the day.

Find a buddy: If you struggle to be motivated to attend the temple on your own, find a friend to go with you! Don’t be afraid to contact home teachers, visiting teachers, or other ward members and ask them to attend the temple with you.

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