You are one of those people who don’t like to ask for things until you’ve exhausted all other options.

You are working on a project to put a toilet back in place.  Its a project where every step depends on the one before.  If you miss a step this Friday night, the toilet won’t be in until Monday evening.

You can’t find your trowel or your mixer.

You would normally ask your wife.  But she is hours away, and inside the temple.

So you look everywhere you can think.  You think about praying, and then look everywhere you can think instead.  Finally, you sigh and admit defeat to the Lord.  “All right,” you say grumpily, and bow your head to pray.  When you do, you see the trowel and the mixer about six inches from your foot.

You instantly feel an almighty smirk.   Like most things divine, it is thrilling.  “You’re a funny guy,” you say.  What would otherwise be disrespect and overfamiliarity fits in the moment.

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