This essay 5 Ugly Truths about Women made me angry. Not for the reasons you think. The flame of chivalry has burned too low in my breast for me to run off knight-erranting on behalf of all women everywhere. I reserve it for my wife and sisters (family and ward) and mother and daughters. And I prefer to do it with a touch of self-mockery, more Philip Marlowe than Lancelot du Lac.

No, the article isn’t even all that calumnious. It is not 100% accurate but it is somewhere in the vicinity of accuracy. I suspect that it suffers from not being exposed to the old truths directly but only seeing them through the dark lens of the PUA community.

Which is why I’m angry.

Why should it be left to a collection of degenerates to pass on the reality that there is such a thing as a female nature and that it has its characteristic flaws and temptations, especially since they pass on the reality with their own grubby marks left on it?

Why do the very saints of God know next to nothing about any of this? Oh, I am extremely grateful for the Church teachings on the characteristic flaws and temptations of human nature and of the married state. They are invaluable, along with Church teachings about how one in mutual union can overcome anger and luciferian pride through forgiveness and service and Christlike love, through prayer and counseling together, through priesthood blessings from husband to wife, through children and divine goals. These teachings are all invaluable and I owe what high, holy happiness my marriage has achieved–which is considerable, which is much more than I deserve–to these teachings.

Yet the very saints of God know nothing about the characteristic failings of female nature, next to nothing about the characteristic strengths of female nature (there are a few vague and gauzy things said), next to nothing about the characteristic failings of male nature (there are a few jovial remarks from time to about men but more fun than true), and nothing about the characteristic strengths of male nature.

We rely on Disney to teach us this stuff. And even if Disney were well-intentioned like back in the old days, it is simply not an education. Romance is real, all that mythic stuff about men and women is real, it just isn’t identical with reality. The deep mystery of man and woman is embedded in a day-to-day reality of a number of practical, homespun facts.

I am not going to print this article and give it to the young men and young women I know. I am going to say something to them. They need to be told. But what? I’m not up to the task. Any help in the comments would be great. But we’re not up to the task either. Lets try, but lets admit that our attempts are going to be shaky, especially at first.

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