We changed all the references to “Mormon” on the permanent pages of the blog to “Restored Christian.”  We also provisionally added a reference to our Lord in the tag line.  Curious to know what you think.

I personally was prepared to be very negative about the change in terminology.  I hate political correctness and I hate bureaucratic initiatives.  This smacked of both.

But in Conference it became clear that

  1.  This change was 100% the Prophet’s initiative.
  2. Far from being bureaucratic, the focus groupers and so on had advised against it, on branding and SEO grounds.
  3. Jesus Christ wants us to proudly claim his ownership of his Church.

Christ is proud of the Church and wants His name on it.  That was affecting to me.  That He is well-pleased with us as a whole is something I don’t always realize.

For a lot of people, the idea of a god who has thumos, who wants the credit for his great creations, is hard to understand.  For me, its the opposite.  This is a God who is real.

I am proud to be His.

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