There is a growing trend to think that the state needs to step in and monitor parents. Ostensibly because some parents aren’t competent. But some states aren’t competent. Approximately all of them, in fact. Likely the real motive is a sense of frustration that some parents are successfully raising their kids outside the megaphone of conventional progressive wisdom.

The new sacrament of the Left is censorship.

A lot of folks these days tell you that parenting doesn’t matter, its all genes and peer pressure. The prophets don’t think so, and I’m inclined to side with the prophets. In fact, while there are some studies that suggest that broadly parenting doesn’t matter for things like income or education levels (parents who adopt, take note), it does matter for things like religion and belief. Anyhow, these studies always use statistical methods which means they always discount the parents who are taking extraordinary steps. And given today’s environment, any reasonable parenting will require taking extraordinary steps. Like the man said,

If you aren’t successfully immunizing your children from Great and Spacious propaganda then your parenting won’t matter long term, but if you do, then you are a statistical outlier.


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