While others took a short break from the heat and humidity, one man in the center takes dead aim with his heavy sledgehammer and finished the pounding in of the last tent stake for the “Welcome Tent” roof

Over the next several weeks, we will trace the temple’s history from its announcement to the completion of the temple building. And from its completion as a sacred building to its dedication and use as a House of the Lord by the Latter-day Saints in this choice part of the world.

Those interested in a more details about the Church in the DR Congo and its new temple may consult or download an in-depth history that is posted at the Southeast Africa Area website:

Many of the video supplements in this series will complement and personalize the written history: early members will tell fascinating stories of the challenges and blessings of the coming of the Church to the country, some will talk about their roles in temple construction and operation, and others will describe how having a temple in Kinshasa will bless their lives.

In the current segment, we will get a glimpse of some of the preparations that have been made for the Kinshasa Temple Open House. In the last several weeks, the intensity of activities at the temple site has continued to increase. Neighbors, neighborhoods, and the country at large are beginning to experience the blessings of the temple.

Main Feature

Part 1: Preparing for the Kinshasa Temple Open House

Video Supplements

1A: Tony plays a song of welcome on an empty bottle (no words)

1B: Gregg Johnson shares a memorable experience in decorating the temple (English only)

1C: MAWISA-NKOKO Lisette: The temple gardener (French with English subtitles)

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