There is a genre of Mormon (I use Mormon advisedly instead of LDS Christian) whose attitude is that they like the gospel, but . . .

They like our strong family culture, but
don’t like how we encourage early marriage,
don’t like how don’t put a lot of emphasis on career for women,
think we are hung up and narrow minded on pornography, on divorce, on premarital sex . . .

They like our health, but
a little coffee and tea are harmless
social drinking is actually a good thing
vaping is fun
marijuana just relaxes people

They like our functioning community but
why are we so exclusive
why do we require so much commitment
why don’t we fit in more

These people aren’t stupid.

They are parasites.

They are drawing down on the benefit of our strong social norms while personally not helping to pay for them. Instead, they sell the norms out by signalling how cool and unconventional they are. They are eroding the things they purport to like for personal convenience and for personal status gain. They want to eat soup, but are selling off the bowls and spoons.

The tree of life is great, but wouldn’t it be better if it were more like a foundationless tower full of fine-dressed people mocking and pointing?

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