Let’s think about horror.  The genre, I mean.  Different types of monsters are for different types of fears.

Luckily, normally, each monster has some kind of weakness associated with it.

Now imagine a monster that is all weakness.  

It comes at you barely able to move, no teeth, no nails, poor eyesight, stupid, gullible, fragile, slow, tiny muscles, needy and massively prone to distraction.  Mosquitoes are more dangerous.  You can kill it or send it off in the wrong direction without even trying.

It has a tiny handful of strengths.  First, it can get better over time, but very, very, very slowly.  Second, here and there perhaps, it makes more of its kind.  But its single great strength, the one that makes it the worst monster of all, is that it cannot finally be defeated.  Crush it under a stone, and it crawls out a day or a month later.  Bury it under a massive heap of stones, and a century later it crawls out leading a worm army.  You walk away.  It gets left behind.  Maybe its distracted by a shiny rock.  But sooner or later, it will pick up your trail again.   There is nothing you can do to stop it for good.

It gets better so very, very slowly.  But it has all eternity to get better.

In this horror movie, Satan is the protagonist.

You are the monster.

Your only strength is repentance.

It is horror enough.

Hell is the horror of forever fleeing out into the darkness from the children of God who pursue you, knowing you can never escape pursuit.

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