The Lovely One is not ferociously political, not at all.  So when she does say something, I listen.

A few days ago she said, “I get why they are always trying to push LBGTPQ stuff.  But why are they always going on about racism?  I don’t understand why the devil is opposed to that.”

It was a good question.

The virtue chart above is my answer.

As C.S. Lewis suggests when he writes about the Nazis, the sin of racism, like all sins, is a bloated and distorted virtue.  So what is the virtue?  There is not a good word for it, which is a tell.  It is the virtue that turns the hearts of the children to their fathers, and the fathers to their children.  When the devil attacks a wrong, we may be sure he has a reason.

P.S.  On reflection, the virtue I labeled ‘human family’ could just as well have been ‘benevolence’ or ‘brotherly love.’

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