The United States had more children born in 1952 than it did today.   Out of a population less than half our size.


US Today

  • 3.8 million babies
  • 330 million Americans
  • 70 million parent-aged Americans

US in 1952

  • 3.9 million babies
  • 160 million Americans
  • 35 million parent-aged Americans

With twice as much input we get reduced output.  1952 was the beginning of the baby boom, but this year isn’t cherry-picked.  Births were over 4 million for a dozen years after that.  The record was 1957 with 4.3 million births.  We fell below the 1952 level in the mid-1960s until the mid-1980s,

Well.  At least we have a moonbase and flying cars.

Figures gathered from, the National Center for Health Statistics, and this list of historical data.

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