Due to population shifts caused by the immigration surge (both legal and illegal), the next census is estimated to shift around 19-24House seats from red states to blue states.  Which means also shifting 24 electoral votes.

The census is done based on total population, not on total citizen population.  There are currently house districts with huge populations but smaller amount of legal voters for this reason.

For perspective, of the 10 modern Congresses where the GOP has controlled the House, the difference could have given the Democrats control of 7 of them.

George W. Bush would have also lost both of his presidential elections.

The sad thing when we talk about not letting the Democrats elect a new replacement people is that they already have.

A simple majority of young people in Texas are hispanics who strongly lean Democrat.

Demographics is destiny.  That destiny has largely already happened.

In this new environment, the basic workable strategies are both unappealing.  They are the strategy of becoming more solidly the party of whites, which would not be a good thing.  The other strategy is Big Man grandstanding politics, which can attract more immigrant votes.  Also not a good thing.  But there may be no choice.

Or pray for the unexpected.  Pray for a religious revival.   Pray for a Victor Orban.

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