Professor Ralph Hancock very gently (far too gently) takes 3 Medizers to task.  They are all LDS academics who have devoted their considerable brain power to trying to converge the kingdom with progressivism.

The fruit of this tree is very delicious, said the three scholars.  It is a pity that more people don’t feel welcome here.  A few changes wouldn’t hurt.  And, really, the changes we are proposing are not really changes, but actual fulfillment of the purpose of the tree.  See, these branches are already window-like and the tree is already straining upward like a building.  Let us merely hollow the tree out to be like a building, straighten all the branches to be usable as rooms and balconies, sever the trunk from the roots that are holding it back and fill the tree with finely-dressed mockers expressing their intolerance for intolerance and their hate for hate.  Then it will be a much better tree and the fruit will surely be more delicious than ever.  It was what Joseph Smith intended in his better moments.  It is what the Savior(tm) would have wanted.


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