The great secret is to relish greatly and yearn greatly.

Buddhists at least in western eyes aka Yoda say you should try to get rid of your yearning because it causes you dissatisfaction with your current lot. In our own tradition dragons are miserable evil creatures who always seek to hoard more gold and/or fear losing what they already have that they don’t enjoy the gold they lie on. It is the absence that drives them, not the possession.

The common-sense of the matter is basic human character to feel dissatisfaction with what you currently have if you are desiring more than what you currently have. Ambition and contentment don’t play nice together.

But it is possible. Everyone loves babies while still working to have them grow up. Part of the fun now is the potential they will grow into then.

The master man is the one who loves his little house and his little family, his small yard and his climbing rose, and who loves them like a Jove! While in his mind’s eyes still seeing so vividly he can taste it the great house on the hill with broad tree-dotting acres of lawn rolling down to the sea, covered with generations of superb descendants gathered in quasi-aristocratic reunion.

Every man a holy pirate king! Gleefully running your gold through your hands, eyes glittering at the uncharted seas that still lay unplundered before you.

“Be still and know that I am God” while also daring all.

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