Being content is a gospel virtue.  In its superpowered form, contentment is gratitude.  Growth is also a gospel virtue.  Not just moderate, quiet growth.  It too must be superpowered.  Immoderate growth.  Progressing beyond all reason.  Insatiable ambition.

The man of God must have both.

Relish greatly, yearn greatly.

Every man should be a holy pirate king.

Holy, because their hearts are full of gratitude and wonder at their blessings.  A pirate king, because they are out to grab all they can, and then some.

How mad ambition and great contentment could exist in the same person at the same time is hard for us to grasp.  Exist as one unified virtue, not just coexist.  Maybe we cannot get there in this life.  Get there we must.  It is the only way.

I use virtue charts as my tool for exploring virtue.  What I have just discovered is that there is a hidden doctrine buried in the very form of every chart.  Its the doctrine that Joseph Smith taught.

By proving contraries, truth is made manifest.

Truth is where two great opposites are brought into one whole.

You have no little trouble wrapping your mind around it when you think of the virtues, my poppets.  Do not fret, so do I.  But it is still true–see, how easy it is to see it when we start by combining the vices instead.  Stagnant greed, we encounter it ever day.

Stagnation + Greed = Envy

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