Men and women are different.(Citation not needed.)


The Proclamation talks about differences in roles, but has nothing to say about the differences in nature.  The Church in general is incredibly coy on the subject.

Not us, my chickadees!  We rush in.

Brainstorming here, so feel free to rebut, complicate, or go in a different direction.  All the usual caveats for brainstorming at the edge of what we know or are able to know apply.  All the usual caveats for generalizing apply.  All the usual caveats for simplifying apply.


Men are triage, women are leave no child behind.

Men are risk, women are safety.

Men are results, women are intentions.

Men are conditional love, women are unconditional love.

Men are hierarchy and equality, women are unmeasurable relationships.

Men are means, women are ends.

We rely on men’s word.  We rely on women’s kindness.

If one of these things seem less or inferior to you, than you probably don’t understand its importance enough.



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