The wriggling worm examined the hook while he was being lowered to it.  He reasoned that he was in no danger.  “What possible reason could this man have in impaling me?  It would serve no purpose.  And to create such a small and elaborated shape just to torture a worm?  It makes no sense.  True, other worms have been grabbed and never returned, but there could be any number of explanations.  It is best not to reason in the absence of evidence.”  The worm was very distressed when he was accidentally, as he thought, impaled.


This one came to me without me having a clear idea of what the moral is.  Perhaps its just macabre.  Two possibilities that come to mind are It is easy to deceive ourselves about our circumstances when there is nothing we can do to change them or Judge others by their acts.

I thought about writing it as if the worm were being held by other worms (the fingers) but couldn’t make it work quite right.

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