Bruce Charlton has a wonderful post on God’s purpose.

For me, now, this is the key to the specifically Christian concern with love; it is by love that unique individuals are able-to choose-to cooperate in harmony (as we can imagine would happen in an ideal family).

Culminating in this vision of eternity,

My favoured analogy for Heaven is with an idealised wholly-loving extended family of immortals; continually being added-to by new and unique people – by descent, marriage, adoption, and true-friendship; but always – because of their mutual love – working together, and cohering in their work; because they each work for each other, as-well-as for themselves.

As above, so below. Because that is also the ideal vision for this life. Penhurst the poem.

Ever larger, ever-loving, that is the formula.

but you should also read Bruce Charlton post for the intellectual tool of reverse causality. It is a potent form of inquiry.

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