A blog post is much more likely to be accessed and read if it has a provocative title like this does.

However, I'm not trying to be provocative. This title perfectly captures my meaning and intent. If it attracts more traffic, so be it.

Men are being attacked almost with impunity

I'm tired of men being attacked, disparaged, diminished, and deemphasized. It's been happening in society for some time. In this post, I'm decrying it happening to the men in the Church and especially the men in our lives.

It's happening to our fathers, our husbands, our brothers, and our sons and it needs to STOP.

It isn't just the province of feminazis.

In the effort to elevate women to the same level as men in our society, women have been attacking men in addition to their positive efforts on behalf of women.

Every current male on the planet is somehow guilty of what women have suffered through the ages.

This is unconscionable. I'm certain the honorable and good men of the world feel this deeply. I'm doubtful that the men who aren't are troubled much by this. The men who treat women badly are probably treating men badly too.

What's happening

I see women in the Church treating men badly. I don't imagine I can have much effect on the women of the world, only the women of the Church.

If the following attitudes are in any way influencing how you treat men, you need to stop.

Men have little use other than to fund women's needs and wants.
Men have no needs whether physical, spiritual, social, emotional or otherwise.
Men are treated poorly and this is seen as acceptable.

In the Proclamation on the Family, men are identified as the providers. Most men take this very seriously. Do we honor them for this or do we exploit them?

I'm afraid too many women exploit them. I've seen too many men deny themselves what they need in order to give their families, and especially the women of their life, what they need and want. Men have needs too. They also have wants

Do you ever acknowledge this in your behavior to the men in your life? Society will allow you to ignore it but your conscience should not allow you to do so.

Money, money, and more money

Too many women are pressuring men to bring home more and more money. This pressure can be either subtle or overt.

I remember a man commenting about his ex-wife, "I could never earn enough to buy what she wanted."

Are your ever-expanding needs and wants causing men to work more and more at higher and higher-level jobs so that you can have more and more stuff?

Do you want a bigger and fancier house? Do you want more vehicles, fancier vehicles, newer vehicles? Are you content with what you have? If you are not, maybe you have a problem.

Status symbols

Women often use their husband's earning ability and potential as a status symbol among other womenfolk.

Sadly, men often don't benefit much. A man of my acquaintance felt his wife had all the advantages of his provider capability. He remarked, "I'm on the road existing in motels while she has the use of the house, the money, and the kids."

Considering how much time most men are able to spend at home with their wives and children, women do seem to have it good.

Thought and time devoted to his needs and wants

How much time do you expend considering what your husband or father does that benefits you?

How much time or effort do you expend looking after his needs or wants? Do you spend any?

I see some men existing totally bereft of any gratitude from those they labor on behalf of.

This IS unconscionable.

Society just keeps bashing men. It will likely continue in the future.

You don't find articles or news coverage decrying the treatment of men. That ship sailed long ago and only women are on it.

Women have basically caught up

Women are exceeding men on every conceivable front. They are getting more college degrees and graduate degrees. They also outnumber men in the workforce.

Boys are having increasing problems at school and in life. Many men have now been rendered unmarriageable by the advancements of women.

No one is paying much attention to any of this.

The ONLY area men currently exceed women are the very upper echelons of the corporate boardroom. That barrier will undoubtedly fall soon. Then, we will have achieved the world's idea of equality even though it will mean the fall of men. Great, just what we need ...

I'm not cheering. These tragedies abound. The most obvious casualty of all these advancements by women is how we treat men.

Financial exploitation

Most men's earnings can cover the necessities - food and shelter. I've seen too many women taking their man's money and spending the money they make themselves on themselves and feeling entitled to it.

My husband's stepmother was overt about this. Greg's father funded the household. The stepmother kept the money she made at her job. If she bought food for the family, she wouldn't put it away in the fridge or the cupboards until Greg's father reimbursed her for it.

Greg's sister criticized this heavily but he found out she did it to the men in her life as well. How can this behavior be justified? Answer: It can't!

Emotional exploitation

Perhaps more insidious than financial exploitation is emotional exploitation.

Men shouldn't have their feelings jerked about by the women in their lives.

They should not be manipulated, jerked around, or used in any way.

Being taken for granted

Finally, the men in our lives should not be taken for granted.

They should be valued for who they are, what they do, and what they provide for us.

We shouldn't assume that it is their lot in life to do this and we deserve it all and more.

Many Church leaders have emphasized what a serious sin the sin of ingratitude is. Ingratitude toward our Heavenly Father is serious! So is ingratitude to our earthly father.

In sum

The men in our lives deserve to be respected

The men in our lives deserve to be treated with respect.

The men in our lives deserve to know they are truly loved.

The men in our lives deserve to be truly loved.

Maybe the "W" in this post title should be a "B." However, I'm going to leave it the way it is. I think you get the idea.

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