One of the most interesting parts of a virtue chart is where we explore the synthesis of apparently opposed virtues.

Here is something I came up with that unfortunately I did not have the time to do the build-up for. The end result just came to me, I’ll have to try to reverse engineer it later.

But in short, it seems to me that there are virtues related to the past, the present, and the future. And that integration is the synthesis of them.

I added ‘Covenants’ in the middle because it seems to me that covenants are remembering promises made in the past (and fulfilled in the past) to guide your actions in the present, in the expectation of further fulfillment of promises in the future.

I am also intrigued by ‘Hope’ as a future virtue.  I wonder if there is a sense in which ‘Faith’ is a past virtue and ‘Charity’ is present.

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