I was reading D&C 1 and felt a General Conference Doggerel coming on.


Lord, I come to you with but 10 sins

Or if you press me, how ’bout just one sin?

A faint little sin, like it hardly had been.

And the Good Lord said, divide it by ten.


Okay, Lord, then one-tenth a sin,

one-hundredth a sin, .001 sin,

Just a speck, just a smudge, will you let me in?

And the Good Lord said, divide it again.


Mercy, Lord, this begins to pall,

One ten-thousandth a sin is no sin at all

You’d need a laser to measure that Fall.

And the Good Lord said, make it more small.


If I go on at this rate there’ll be nothing left,

a sin of no weight, a sin of no heft,

Lord, do you really want me bereft?

And the Good Lord said, from sin be cleft.


Every crack turns a crevice in the great by and by

Every friction turns flame where there’s no goodbye

No grit’s good in shoes worn forever and aye

Every truth rots when kept with a lie.


Were it just one sand in the whole ocean sea,

Were it just one worm in the great world tree,

It would still be too much sin for me,

I do not make you only almost free.


I light you as pure as the sun above,

I pour you out big wide rivers of love,

I make you All, without the least shadow of,

I fit you to All, like a hand in a glove.



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