I put off linking to a marriage article because its framing is way more plebeian–One Weird Trick to Have More Sex with Your Wife!–than is suitable for the austere dignity of this blog thingo.

My poppets, my misgivings remain, but I have now relented.

The article is about how husband and wife should counsel together.  Good, and better yet it has a formula.  I like formulas, and this one fits with my own experience.  It isn’t anti-man like some marriage advice you see.  It also treats men and women as different and has a common sense explanation of how those differences each help when counseling together.    The Church puts big emphasis on the marriage counsel but even a lot of what you hear from members treats the counsel as if the two in it were fungible units.


That said, feel free to take issue with the advice if you are so inclined.

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