Repentance is the path to greatness. That is the path we have to choose.

We could also say it is our path to glory or goodness or heaven. All true. We were meant for greatness but we are not yet great. We are too illformed as yet. So we must change.

We can imagine someone who doesn’t need to be change to be great. They only need to develop further who they are inwardly. Christ was like that, I think. We are partly like that too. We were meant for greatness, the seeds are already there, we are just unfolding them. But for us it also means changing who we are. We have contradictions inside us.

Where we are, and where we have to go to get to our destination explains why ‘strait is the gate and narrow the way.’ We will all wander. But if we wish to arrive at greatness, eventually we are going to have to choose a path that leads there. “Why can’t I be saved in my sins?” is morphologically the same question as “why can’t I go to Paris without having to go to France?”

Hmm. We might even say that all paths require repentance. Any purpose we have at all is going to require some resolution of our inner contradictions. To choose one thing is to forgo choosing another.

We could even define repentance that way–repentance is when we choose to forgo something wholeheartedly, not because we are forced to, not resentfully, but because we have genuinely chosen. It is that simple. No need to make a big mystery about it. Repentance sometimes takes time because sometimes we have to enjoy the first fruits of our decision before we can truly embrace it.

If we have to repent anyhow, we might as well repent for greatness.

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