After LDS General Conference, I posted several conference-related memes that had been shared on the Internet. (Learn more about Internet memes.)

Below are some general LDS memes from Ryan’s LDS Quotes. Ryan prepares graphical quotes for use in his ward bulletin each week and then posts them on his site for others to use and share. A few of his designs are available for purchase as cards, stickers, and posters at his online store.

Comment below about other sites you know of with LDS quotes and I’ll share them in a future post.

2000-stripling-warriors become-strong blessed-give-receive book-mormon-reading-chart eternal-life-man faithful-keeping-commandments give-little-stream go-and-do-1 go-and-do-3 go-do-2 great-things hold-rod pray-always time-and-eternity twig-faith wisdom-service-god


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