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Every year there is an end to Christmas day and an end to the Christmas season.  It is always a bit melancholy.  Each of us will have a last Christmas of our life.  That will be a bit melancholy too.

Our kind of Christmas will end someday too.  Someday there will be a Last Christmas within the circle of the world.


But this year I have had an intimation that at the true last Christmas, Christ will be there.  It will not be sad at all.

Imagine its the Millennium.  We are all raising a bunch of kids in peace and happiness and community love.  It’s perhaps something like an ideal suburb.  Everyone up and down the street knows and likes each other.  We and our kids are in and out of each others’ houses all the time.  There is no discord, no debt, no worry.

Jesus and his wife and their children live on the street.  He rules the world–but he is not the kind who  needs to live in a palace to have his rule acknowledged.

It is Christmas.  We are trimming trees, singing, worshipping.  He is there with us, radiating joy.



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