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If you are reading the Ensign in hard copy, rather then digitally, you are missing something. In fact, you may be missing a lot!

Starting in January, 2018, there are articles that are not available in the hard copy version of the magazine, but are found online.

In the March, 2018, Ensign, there are 10 separate additions to the magazine's content.

Only Brief References Announce the Digital-Only Content Online

The Church hasn't officially announced this new development; although I did find two snippets in Church News articles that refer to it.

In a December 18, 2017, church article, "Church Magazines Tell Story behind BYU Vocal Point’s “I Stand All Amazed” the last paragraph reads:
Digital content like this article can be found each month in the Ensign and Liahona magazines online and in the Gospel Library app. In 2017, the bonus digital content was found in a separate location called “2017 Digital Articles.” Going forward, the digital-only content will be part of the table of contents on and in the Gospel Library app.
The January 28, 2018, article, Authors Share “Behind-the-Pulpit” Glimpse at “Meeting” the Women Featured in Book offers just a tantalizing tidbit:
In the digital-only “Meeting the Women behind the Pulpit,” co-editors and Church historians Kate Holbrook and Jenny Reeder describe the challenges and miracles of researching these women, many of whom had been lost to modern memory.

How Do You Find This Digital-Only Content?

You can access the Church's digital-only content a couple of ways. Go to

  1. Access the full table of contents for each magazine
  2. Check the summary of digital-only content
  3. Check the summary of digital-only news

1. Ensign magazine content is not difficult to locate. Click on "Scriptures and Study" on the Church's homepage and select "Magazines" under the Helpful Resources options on the drop-down menu.

Click on "Ensign" and then "Current Issue" for March or "Other Issues" and "2018" to access January and February content.

Once you have selected the month you want, look at the Table of Contents under the columns for "Listen" and "Download. The digital-only content is blank. In addition, there is a small notifier above the article titles on the Tables of Contents. It says, "digital only" in all caps.

2. There is a separate website that lists all the 2018 digital-only content in the Ensign by year. The articles are listed in reverse chronological order with the newest being first.

3. In addition to digital-only articles, there are digital-only news stories on a separate website for 2018. Only March, 2018, has them. None appeared in either January or February.

New to Ensign Readers, But Not New to Liahona Ones

Liahona readers have digital-only content from as far back as February, 2017! See this website for 2018 content.

There was a grand total of 45 digital-only articles in the Liahona in 2017. This is substantial. If the Ensign follows suit, reading the hard copy magazine will no longer be sufficient. You will miss a lot.

What Kind of Content Will Hard Copy Ensign Readers Miss?

Is there some logic as to why articles/news are digital-only, as opposed to hard copy? There may be some. For example, in February, the article, "Meeting the Women Behind the Pulpit" covers how the new book, At the Pulpit, was researched and published.

At the Pulpit is available digitally, as well as hard copy. So, it makes sense that the article introducing it is digital-only.

However, authors of digital-only articles are seemingly no different than the hard copy magazines. Digital-only articles in the 2017 Liahona span from General Authorities (G.A.'s) to others.  The G.A.'s include Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Quentin L. Cook.

There are no General Authorities listed as authors in the Ensign 2018 content, yet.

Okay, you know what you are missing. What are you waiting for? Start reading up!

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