In mortal terms, a father is someone who went from thinking it would be fun to gleefully and dangerously blow up stuff with his friends to thinking it would be fun to gleefully and a little less dangerously blow up stuff with his kids and his friends.

Mortal fathers, by natural design, have a lot of fun with their kids in the rough and tumble.

God is the Father.


God’s worked with me in a particularly daddish way.  I almost feel like I am getting pranked sometimes.  When I am being a particular goof, I seem to sense something like divine amusement.

Two evenings ago in an exalted mood I wrote an exhortation for my gentile friends, to pray, hear, and act; pray, hear, and act. It was heady stuff. It was awesome, if I say so myself.

I suddenly felt very serious. I prayed. “Lord, what should I be doing?”

He answered immediately.

You should go to bed..

Cue divine dad-joke laughter.

I went to bed.

You might say that is just the condescension of God, Him working with me in a mode I can understand. You bet. But I think it is more than that. I believe in the God who Weeps. I also believe in the God who Chortles.

the Divine Character Includes Humor


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