My own recent deficiencies notwithstanding, this has been an especially powerful and abundant week for the mind, soul and body on the Internet.  There is more to share than I had room for.  It sometimes seems I spend more time bringing everyone else’s work than I do in my own writing, but know this- I do it especially for you, the reader.  What good is wisdom and knowledge if not shared among people.  So partake and enjoy the best of the Internet-

Regarding the Mind-

At Frontal Cortex, Jonah has a fascinating post pondering the relationship between music and complex mathematics, speculating how our mind finds pleasure in simply pulling the pattern out of the seemingly random causing sensory input to transcend into something sublime.

Anand Dhillon has a fantastic post on some of the cognitive distortions we all have, which can ultimately hold us back from our own happiness, cause self defeating behavior, or beat us down into a full blown depression.

Speaking of Depression, at Change Therapy, Isabella Mori continues what has been a powerful and moving discussion on creativity and depression with her personal tale about how creativity may not eliminate depression, but it can remove the paralyzing and devastaing effects.

Regarding the Soul-

At Faith Promoting Rumor, the inimitable Mogget, Mormon Biblical scholar grad student extraordinaire is back, and shares a wonderful and insightful critique of the Mormon Revelatory experience.  It really opened my eyes, no pun intended.

At Mormon Matters, Stephen Marsh (AKA Ethesis) breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to holy writ, giving a powerful and personal view of scripture.

The Washington Post has an amazing story captured in a documentary by Laura Waters Hinson.  It seems that the people of Rwanda really do take Jesus at his word..

Regarding the Body-

At GNIF BrainBlogger, Waynekid Cam has been gulping down the ice cream too fast.  He gives an excellent little lesson on the physiology of brain freeze.

At Of Two Minds, Steve Higgins has bad news for health food nuts, as he describes a recent Indonesian study that suggests Tofu might increase risk of Alzheimer disease, and speculates on why this may be.

Or All the Above-

At Mormon Matters, Bruce Nielsen shares some insight into what marriage is really all about, as he fights the myth that it is just about our happiness and nobody else’s business.

Apollo, MD shares with us his experience of his first day in the third year clerkships, where he confronts both life and death in the most broken of patients, one suffering from coma..  Looks like he had the best rotation first.  He also has the makings of a first class neurologist (hint, hint)

The Anesthesioboist has an excellent post on the deep satisfaction patients find in demonizing their doctors, as she scans the blogosphere for heart wrenching tales of medical mistakes and the tendency for societal retribution, even overeaction

The New York Times has a disturbing report about work related violence, injury and mortality among the most noble of professions, ICU Nurses, as they stand at the line between life and death and become victims of the anger boiling over from families.  Unfortunately, in the NeuroICU especially, I have seen the danger personally and can attest, they are not making this up.

Newly discovered Blog treasure-

All the above was getting crowded, and this wonderful blog could have covered the category alone.  Mothers in Medicine is a group blog with a team of mothers working as physicians.  They have a moving post on Crying in medicine, a reflection on growing up the child of a doctor and then putting your child through the same thing, and a guest tribute to physicians parents everywhere.  This blog really fed my mind, soul and body this week, and I’m not even a mother. A most grateful hat tip to PalliMed.

and Just because I Liked it-

Zooillogix has some breathtaking pictures of the annual golden ray migration.  Absolutely beauthiful.

At Get Religion, tmatt has an eye opening story about the danger to churches of blurring the line between Church and State.  Are we far from the day when the Government will dictate doctrine to churches everywhere?  I certainly hope not.

Career Medicine examines, hyopthesizes and lists pager theory in detail, with a tongue in cheek look at an irritation any resident will be able to identify with.

Here is a hilarious video clip of some neurology humor by the one and only Steve Martin besting a precocious little girl in the Man with two minds.  It reminds me of grand rounds.  Hilarious. (HT:Neurophilosophy)

That concludes my points of interest for now.  I hope you enjoyed.  If you are hungry for more, I think you have too much free time. Just kidding.  There are an abundance of great posts in some of this weeks blog carnivals- Grand Rounds hits Manhattan, which of course means Seinfeld takes over, Change of shift takes us down blogger memory lane, Encephalon clelebrates freedom (from faulty theory) and BrainBlogging has a great collection of posts covering the human side of the mind, covering body and soul in the process.. That ought to keep you busy.

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