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LDS General Conference April 2009 on

by J. Max Wilson (03/30/2009 09:02 am)

During the week leading up to this weekend’s General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and during the two weeks following, Nothing Wavering will include an additional section on the front page of the portal containing just the aggregated audio and video from the official podcasts of the conference as they become available.  In past years the audio has often become available a short time after each session, and the video is usually posted sometime during the following week.

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Nothing Wavering Website Offline During Last Weekend

by J. Max Wilson (03/02/2009 08:14 am)

Over this last weekend, the hosting provider for Nothing Wavering experienced a major hardware outage.  While they were able to get most of the websites they host back up within a couple of hours, one segment of their system remained offline for over 40 hours.  Unfortunately my websites are hosted on that segment.

In the future, if Nothing Wavering goes down, you can check my twitter account for updates about what is happening.

While every hosting provider has occasional outages, this is the first time I have been down for such a long time.  Hopefully things will remain stable now.



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