It’s time again for the General Conference of the LDS Church.  Taking the opportunity to be inspired and uplifted by the words of living apostles and prophets of Jesus Christ has never been so easy or convenient.

During the week leading up to the conference, and during the month following, Nothing Wavering customarily includes an additional section on the front page of the portal containing just the aggregated audio and video from the official podcasts of the conference as they become available.  In past years the audio has often become available a short time after each session, and the video is usually posted sometime during the following week.

As they become available, links to mp3 audio and mp4 video of individual discourses will be automatically published on twitter under the #ldsconf hashtag.  Last conference this functionality of Nothing Wavering relied on a third part web service that did not work so well.  As a result, Nothing Wavering now features its own twitter integration that has been thoroughly tested during the last 6 months and should post every mp3 and video within 30 minutes of becoming available.

You can subscribe to the aggregated General Conference RSS feed here, and you can follow the General Conference podcast on twitter here.

For the first time this conference, links to audio and video of the conference will be posted through the new Nothing Wavering Facebook Page.  Become a fan of Nothing Wavering to see links to individual talks right in your Facebook News Feed and you will be able to easily share them with friends and family.

You can also watch General Conference live streaming on the internet through the church’s official website, and at