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Try the new Nothing Wavering Google Gadget

by J. Max Wilson (01/14/2009 11:35 am)

Do you use iGoogle?  iGoogle is a great way to personalize and organize information that is important to you.  You can track your email, your blogs, visitors to your site, keep a task list, play games, watch videos, and all kinds of other things by adding Google Gadgets to your own personalized page.

Try out the new Nothing Wavering Google Gadget.

Once it has been added to your iGoogle page, you can drag and drop it to whatever place best suits you.

By default, the gadget has tabs for LDS Blogs, Bloggers, and Official LDS Content.  Any of these tabs can be hidden using the gadget settings. The settings also  allow you to add an additional General Conference tab with links to audio and video from the most recent conference, and you can customize the number of titles that appear under the tabs.

Even if you don’t use iGoogle, Google Gadgets can be added to any webpage, so if you would like to display the Nothing Wavering gadget in the sidebar of your blog or website.  You can customize the width, height, color, tabs to display, and number of titles using a simple editor that allows you to copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript code into you page.

Go here to get the Nothing Wavering Gadget for your own page.

Here is a live, working example embedded right into this post:

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Duplicate RSS and Twitter Bug Fixes

by J. Max Wilson (01/13/2009 10:09 am)

Some of you may have noticed that the Nothing Wavering RSS feeds had some problems yesterday. For those interested, here is a technical explanation of what happened and what has been fixed. (Those not interested can just skip the rest and know that the problems are fixed.)

Every post in an RSS feed includes a Globally Unique Identifier or GUID that can be used to uniquely identify that post from all others. GUIDs are important because posts titles, post URLs, and post dates often change as people update their posts to correct misspellings, correct ambiguous text, or add updates. Even while all of these other values change, the GUID stays the same, and so when a program like Nothing Wavering or Google Reader reads the feed, it knows to simply update the existing post wit the same GUID instead of creating an all new duplicate post. So if you change the title of your post, Nothing Wavering should simply update the old post instead of creating a duplicate with a different title.

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Follow Nothing Wavering Content on Twitter

by J. Max Wilson (01/05/2009 12:33 pm)

Twitter has become an increasingly popular mode of following internet content and friends.  During the October 2008 General Conference, many people conversed about the conference in real time by following the twitter hash tag #ldsconf (Learn more about General Conference and twitter in this post at the Official LDS technology site).

Nothing Wavering will now allow you to follow new content through twitter.  Twitter provides an additional way to direct traffic to good, mainstream and orthodox LDS content.  New posts on LDS Blogs, by LDS Bloggers, and aggregated on Official Church Feeds, as well as aggregated General Conference audio and video, will now be available through twitter as well as through RSS Feed and Email Subscriptions.

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Join the Nothing Wavering Facebook Group

by J. Max Wilson (01/05/2009 10:11 am)

Are you a Facebook user?  Join the Nothing Wavering Facebook Group and help promote mainstream and orthodox LDS blogs and bloggers.



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