Today is the one year anniversary of the launch of!

We’ve made some excellent progress during the last year.  Since the launch I’ve added a blog, improved the SEO, added twitter feeds, written a custom twitter integration, created a google gadget, and laid the ground work for a Nothing Wavering Podcast.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and the site has been able to help increase the visits and readers to the blogs we’ve included.

In the first year, has had 52,739 visits, 95,191 page views by 41,924 unique visitors.  Contrary to the trends on many other blogs and websites, the number of visitors tends to peak on the weekends, especially on Sunday when members of the church are searching the web for LDS related content.  We’ve aggregated 12341 posts, articles, and media.  Between the 4 twitter accounts we’ve posted over 4000 links on twitter.

Our LDS Blogs twitter account shows up in the first 10 Google results when searching for “lds blogs” and 5 of the top 10 pages in the results discuss and/or link directly to it. itself shows up on the second page of Google results.  Hopefully we will continue to gain search engine prominence.

During the coming year I hope to continue to promote mainstream and orthodox Mormon content with new features.  Some of the ideas I’m considering include:

  • iPhone, Blackberry, and Android friendly webpages, and maybe even native applications.
  • The Podcast will hopefully launch with interviews with nothing wavering bloggers and other LDS personalities.
  • I’m also looking at possibly creating a video aggregation page.
  • A page for trending LDS specific topics on twitter.
  • I still hope to start an LDS Blog Carnival
  • I hope to introduce a way for readers to indicate which articles they like and have a page displaying the most popular posts for the day, week, month, and year.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported this effort.  Do you have ideas for what you would like to see on Nothing Wavering?  Let me know in the comments below.