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LDS General Conference April 2009 on

by J. Max Wilson (03/30/2009 09:02 am)

During the week leading up to this weekend’s General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and during the two weeks following, Nothing Wavering will include an additional section on the front page of the portal containing just the aggregated audio and video from the official podcasts of the conference as they become available.  In past years the audio has often become available a short time after each session, and the video is usually posted sometime during the following week.

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New Blog Additions

by J. Max Wilson (01/22/2009 14:58 pm)

As promised, I have begun to process the backlog of blog applications and I will be announcing new blogs as they are added.

Nothing Wavering welcomes the following new blogs to our portal:

LDS Blogs

Modern Mormon Dad

LDS Bloggers

I’d Rather Be Writing

Take some time to check them out, read some of their recent posts, and coment on their blogs.  New posts from these blogs are immediately available through the portal, and will also show up in the Nothing Wavering Google Gadget, RSS Feeds, and Twitter feeds.

Additional Sidebar Banners

by J. Max Wilson (01/09/2009 10:21 am)

It is apparent that the single Nothing Wavering banner I created does not work in a number of situations, because it is too wide, or doesn’t line up well with other banners.  So here are some addtional sidebar banners for Nothing Wavering.  Again, if your blog is included on our portal please consider adding the banner or link to your site.  It is not required by any means, but would be a great way of promoting and driving readers toward other Nothing Wavering blogs.

Nothing Wavering also has a widget of recent posts from Blogs and the Church that can be embedded into your sidebar.  Click on the Embed [HTML] icon on the front page to get the code.  The number of post titles that appear, as well as the height and width of the widget can also be customized.

Here are the banners:

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Nothing Wavering aims to build a community of Orthodox and Mainstream LDS Blogs and Bloggers to promote the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Announcements about new features and new blogs added to the portal, as well as queries for user feedback, feature requests, bug reports, and other community interaction will appear here on the Nothing Wavering Blog.